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The Griffith Observatory has recognized The Constellations Web Page for "excellence in promoting astronomy to the public through the World Wide Web." (23 Feb 1997)

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Here on the Constellations Web Page you'll find:

  • Information on all 88 constellations --- the myths and the facts.

  • A Binocular (and Naked Eye) Tour of the Stars.

  • Drawn orbits of many binary stars.

  • Star charts for all constellations.

  • A Star Catalogue (The Flamsteed Collection) giving the properties of thousands of stars
All kinds of information relating to the 88 constellations.

First the Greek myths of each constellation (or rather, of those constellations which have a myth). Then lots of data on many of the stars themselves, such as their visual magnitude, distance, and so on.

Star charts which show the curvature of the sky as well as an accurate picture of all neighbouring stars.

Finally, interesting items for study, such as binaries or variable stars, or deep sky objects.

The Binocular (and Naked Eye) Tour of the Stars.

You'll find how to locate any of the current season's constellations, learning how to find the principal stars with the naked eye.

Those with binoculars are shown how to find many interesting objects suitable for binocular study, such as star clusters or wide binaries.

The Binocular Section now features hundreds of binary stars for both binoculars and telescopes.

The tour features over 300 views as seen through binoculars, so you know you're looking at the right object.

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