41 Arietis

41 Arietis is the principal star in a small asterism, a triangle formed with 35 and 39: binoculars, which briefly—in the eighteenth century—was known as Musca Borealis, The Northern Fly.

41 is a double star with a wide but faint companion: 3.6, 11.0; 292º, 34".

The more westerly star in the same field of view, 33 Ari, wasn't part of the Musca group. This is a binocular binary (Struve 289); 5.3, 9.6; PA 3º and a separation of 29".

Just east of 41 Arietis about 1.5º is the lovely binary Struve 326 with an orange primary and blueish-purple companion: 7.7, 10.0; 220º, 4.8". [NOTE: CDSA erroneously labels this star Struve 236.]

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