Gamma Arietis: Mesarthim

γ Arietis

Several millennia ago gamma Arietis, or Mesarthim, was one of the two stars (along with beta, above it) to announce the beginning of the new year, that is, the spring equinox.

This is a splendid multiple system (Struve 180ABCD). Companion D is very faint, at 13.6 magnitude, and very close (1.6") but the other two companions are quite accessible:
      Companion B is a lovely telescopic double of two similar stars: 4.5, 4.6; 2, 7.2".
      C: 4.5, 8.7; 81, 217".

At the very northern edge of this field of view is 1 Arietis (Struve 174) which has an attractive colour-contrast, a yellow primary and blue companion: 6.3, 7.2; 165, 2.8".

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