Binary labels used on the graphics and the data pages on this website, and their references
(based on the Washington Double Star Catalogue)
  • A: R.G. Aitken
  • AC: Alvan Clark
  • AGC: A.G. Clark
  • Alb: Albany Observatory
  • B: Willem H. van den Bos
  • Bar: E.E. Barnard
  • Brs: Brisbane Observatory
  • BU: S. W. Burnham
  • CapO: Cape Observatory, SA
  • CoO: Cordoba Observatory
  • Cope: R. Copeland
  • Dawes: W.R. Dawes
  • Dju: P. Djurkovic
  • Fle: J. Fleckenstein
  • Gale: W. F. Gale
  • Gnt: Grant
  • Grb: S. Groombridge
  • h: John Herschel
  • H I-VI: William Herschel
  • H N: William Herschel, 1921 catalogue
  • Hu: W.J. Hussey
  • Hub: S. Hubrig et. al.
  • I: R.T.A. Innes
  • Jc: W. S. Jacob
  • Krü: E.C. Krüger
  • Kui: Gerard P. Kuiper
  • Lcl: N.L. Lacaille
  • Ptr: M.G. Petr et al
  • Pz: G. Piazzi
  • R: H. C. Russell
  • Riz: A.C. Rizzuto
  • Rmk: C.L.C. Rümker
  • Rst: R.A. Rossiter
  • S: James South
  • See: T. J. J. See
  • Sh: James South and John Herschel
  • Shy: E.J. Shaya
  • Slr: R.P. Sellors
  • Smr: J.S. Schlimmer
  • Wal: A. Wallenquist
  • Δ: J. Dunlop
  • Σ: F. G. W. Struve
  • Σ: I, II: FGW Struve appendix
  • OΣ: Otto Struve
  • OΣΣ: Otto Struve appendix
  • Φ: W. S. Finsen
  • Last updated 5 September 2014

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