Welcome to the Binary Database
The following files give the essential data on all binaries featured on this website.

The binary label will either be listed in the ΟΣ/Σ column or the ‘Other’ column.
That is to say, the ‘Other’ column gives all labels other than the Struve binaries;
the Struve binaries distinguish between F.G. Wilhelm Struve (Σ) and Otto Struve (ΟΣ).

The ‘Other’ labels are based on the
Washington Double Star Catalogue ‘discoverer codes’, and are listed here.

Note that if an astersk (*) is found in the Colour column,
this indicates that an alternate binary label exists,
(different from that found in the ‘Other’ column).

The Colour column abbreviations:
l=light, p=pale (these are used in combination with the following)
b=blue, g=gold, gr=green, o=orange, pur=purple, r=red, w=white, y=yellow.

These may appear in combination,
ie. lb/or indicates the primary is light blue, the companion orange-red.

Some of these colours are quite subjective and individual experience may differ considerably.

Andromeda to Boötis

Caelum to Cygnus

Delphinus to Grus

Hercules to Lyra

Mensa to Orion

Pavo to Sextans

Taurus to Vulpecula

Binary labels arranged alphabetically

Struve, F.G. Wilhelm and Otto

Herschel, William and John

All other labels

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