Transit Date of principal star:
3 May

Circinus, The Compass, is a Southern Hemisphere constellation introduced by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille in the mid-eighteenth century. Only seven Bayer stars are brighter than sixth magnitude.

Double stars:

Alpha Circini is a visual double with faint companion: 3.2, 9; PA 232, 15.7".

Gamma Circini is a very close double of contrasting stars (blue and yellow): 5, 5; PA 49, separation 0.9"

Variable stars:

Circinus has two variables among the Bayer stars:

Alpha Circini is an alpha CV type variable: 3.18-3.21.

Theta Circini is a gamma Cas variable: 5.02-5.44.

Deep Sky Objects:

Circinus has no deep sky objects of any interest.

For a closer appreciation of Circinus, visit the Binocular Section.

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