Coma Berenices lies between Leo and Boötes.

Very faint, the constellation requires optimum conditions to study, time fully rewarded as this is the home of the superb ‘Coma Star Cluster’, one of the finest binocular objects in the heavens.

The eight Messier objects in Coma Berenices require medium to large telescopes, as do other galaxies which are nearly as impressive.

Besides the Coma Star Cluster, Coma Berenices contains several very nice binaries suitable for binoculars.

To locate alpha Comae draw a line between Denebola (beta Leonis) and Arcturus (alpha Boötes), nearly due east. Alpha is midway along this line, two fields of view west of Arcturus.

Click on alpha Com or any other orange-coloured object.

Coma Berenices

Coma Berenices

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