A few biographical remarks

Richard Dibon-Smith, author of these web pages, is a Canadian who has lived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada over forty years.

He is a graduate of Stanford University -- where he studied Behavioural Sciences -- and of the University of Toronto, a Bachelor of Education.

Mr Dibon-Smith's interest in astronomy dates from his childhood, when he developed a fascination for the night sky and took it upon himself to identify the constellations and the various stars. This interest was renewed later in life, to the point of compiling a well-received star catalogue, StarList 2000, published in 1992 by John Wiley, NY.

    This work became the basis for the present web site, which began in 1996.

Mr Dibon-Smith has made several extended visits to Australia, which were of great assistance while writing the various pages on his web site concerning the Southern Hemisphere stars.

Mr Dibon-Smith is also an accomplished photographer, specialising in foreign travel, and has been represented by PhotoResearchers, New York City, for over thirty years.

Another interest of Mr Dibon-Smith's is archaeology, particulary ancient Britain and ancient Near East; several papers can be found in https://stanford.academia.edu/RichardDibonSmith

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