Epsilon Eridani

ε Eridani

As seen in the previouis view epsilon Eridani is just west of delta. Epsilon is quite an interesting star.

Only 10.5 light years away, epsilon Eridani is similar to our sun. For some time observers have suspected a satellite to revolve around the star, and efforts finally paid off in 2000; epsilon(b) has a mass of 1.55 Jupiters and an orbit of 2502 days, or 6.85 years. A second planet is suspected, with an orbit of about 280 yars and a mass of 0.1 Jupiters. [Wikipedia has a great deal of information about this fascinating star.]

If you move epsilon to the left edge of your binoculars you'll find that zeta Eridani has moved into view. Slide zeta to the far eastern edge and you have the three rho stars and eta: binoculars..

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