f Eridani

f Eridani

We are now at the lettered stars. g Eridani is the brightest of this group at 4.2, and f Eri appears to be next brightest because of its combined visual magnitude of 4.3.
     f Eri is a pleasant double (DUN 16) of two white stars: 4.7, 5.3. PA 216, 8.4".

Now if you move a bit over a binocular field southwest, two more prominent stars move into view. These are y Eri and e Eri.

We are now quite far south, at -43 declination. If you've been able to voyage all the way past those 'lettered' stars, you aren't far from completing the voyage.

Move about one and a half fields west to find gamma Eridani and the 'plunge' to the south through iota Eridani and s Eridani: binoculars. Click on theta Eri to continue.

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