Gamma Eridani

γ Eridani

With the omicron stars at the upper left of your field of vision move two binocular fields southwest to gamma Eridani.

Gamma Eridani (Zaurak -- 'the boat', i.e. on the river Eridanus) is a bright red giant, magnitude 2.97. While it carries a binary label (h3608) it is only optical, with a very faint companion.

Pi Eridani is also a red giant, a little dimmer than gamma at 4.4.

A little less than one binocular field northwest from Zaurak is delta Eridani and epsilon Eridani.

Epsilon Eridani is one of the closest stars to our Solar System, at 10.49 light years away. The star is suspected of having an unseen companion, with an orbit of about 25 years.

One and a half binocular fields west brings us to zeta and the three rhos: binocular. The central rho, rho2, is a close and faint double. After these stars it's a steep plunge to the tau stars.

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