Kappa Eridani

κ Eridani

I consider kappa a kind of 'cataract' -- that is, a waterfall that bounces off some outcrop (kappa) on its way farther down the cliff to phi.

Kappa and phi are in the same field of view: binoculars, and one can see the smaller stars acting like water, spilling out from kappa down to phi.

Once the river reaches phi I imagine it to form a vast lake, on the other side of which is chi Eridani, one binocular field west.

Now, just below chi -- one binocular field -- is the brightest star of the constellation, the unmistakeable Achernar, the mouth of the river. Our voyage is over.

A pleasant telescopic binary is found just north of Achernar p Eridani (DUN 5): 5.8, 5.9; 188, 11.6".

If you wish some help to remember the many stops along the way, this memory aid may help.

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