Tau Eridani

τ1 Eridani

You've presumably been able to star-hop down from eta Eridani, using pi Ceti as a mid-point helper: binoculars.

Now place tau1 in the centre of your viewing field and move one field southeast. You'll have both tau2 and tau3 Eridani.

Move a bit more than one binocular field east to get tau4 and tau5; another equal distance east-southeast gives you the rest of the taus - 6 through 9: binoculars; this group makes a distinctive half-crescent.

The next step is a big one. The river takes a great plunge southeastward about two and a half binocular fields to the first of the first two of the upsilon stars: binoculars. We are right up against Caelum here, and zeta Caeli is in our field of view.

Click on upsilon Eridani on the map to continue.

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