Theta Eridani

ϑ Eridani

You've arrived at theta Eridani and are now entering the final steps to completing the voyage down the mighty Eridanus. It's now mostly a steep plunge straight south to Achernar.

Theta Eridani now carries the name Acamar, a variation on Achernar (End of the River) since it was once the terminus.
  Theta is a pleasant binary of two white stars: 3.2, 4.1; 91, 8.4".

From iota the river descends straight south to 's' then further south two binocular fields to kappa Eridani. I see it as a multiple falls, bouncing from 's' to kappa and to phi.

We've nearly made it the full length of the river. Click on kappa to continue.

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