Upsilon Eridani

υ Eridani

There aren't many stars here to guide the way. With tau9 at the extreme right edge, move the binoculars two fields of view southeast. You should see two stars, one below the other and just to the east. These are upsilon1 and upsilon2.

One binocular field southwest gives the other upsilons: upsilon3 and upsilon4.

And so it's on to some oddly labelled stars: 'g', 'f', 'y', and 'e'. Place upsilon4 on your left edge and move one binocular field southwest.

You're right at the border with Fornax, and the Fornax Galaxy Cluster is on the western edge of your glasses (you'll need a large telescope to study the various members).

Four prominent stars are in your field of view; centred is g Eri and below this is f Eriadni. Click on f Eri on the map to continue.

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