Xi Eridani

ξ Eridani

From this star, xi Eridani, the river begins the first of its many descents, rushing toward the two omicrons.

Some cartographers omit this stop at xi, instead having the river immediately flow toward the omicrons after nu. Their reason perhaps is that xi Eridani is much fainter, a 5.2 visual magnitude star, thus shouldn't be included. It's true that xi Eridani is the faintest of all the stars I include along the way, but it seems a more natural path, flowing horizontally from nu over to xi, and then a mad plunge south to the two omicrons (Beid and Keid the Arabs called them).

Omicron 2 (Keid) is a well-known wide triple (Struve 514), including a white dwarf (component B) and a red dwarf (component C):
      AB: 4.5, 9.7; 102, 82.4". (blue/white)
      AC: 4.5, 11.5; 97, 77.3". (purplish)

I see the river as passing through the 'narrows' of omicron, plunging wildly even more southward, to Zaurak, gamma Eridani.

Before we visit gamma Eridani move one and a half fields west to find 32 Eridani, a lovely colour-contrasting telescopic binary (Struve 470):
      AB (yellow and bluish-green): 4.8, 5.9; 348, 6.9".

To continue your descent down the Eridanus click on gamma.

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