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Broken Links and Errors Report

Hello. Presumably you're here because you've found an error on one of my pages.

I have recently changed web servers, and many files have had to be reprogrammed, the older HTML code not working as before.

So you may find a page or a graphic which does not load.

If you would take the time to make a few notes, I'll be able to fix the problem faster.
For any problem page, please make a note of the page name including the extension (e.g. "and_con.htm").
You might want to use the 'back' arrow on your browser until you get to the problem page.
Make note of the name, then hit the 'forward' arrow on your browser to return here.

Then click on the envelope below and email me with the page reference and tell me what the problem is, being as precise as possible.

Thank you for taking the time!

It's visitors like yourself who continue to make this an effective web site.


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