The Flamsteed Collection

The Flamsteed Collection is a star catalogue containing data on not only all the Flamsteed stars (i.e. numbered stars) but also a great many more of naked-eye visibility.

These headings are divided between two facing pages.
      even pages: name, HD, HIP, α, δ, B-V, μ(α)", μ(δ)", μ", Dir, Spect. Var?
      odd pages: name, m, M, π, pc, ly, V, RV, L, F, mc, Bin? ADS

Definitions of the above headings:

  • name - the usual label of the star, with Greek labels leading, followed by the Flamsteed numbers (if it has no other label), then other labels in alphabetical order
  • HD - The Henry Draper catalogue number of the star
  • HIP - The Hipparcos Catalogue reference number
  • α - the Right Ascension, J2000.0.
  • δ - the Declination, J2000.0.
  • B-V - the colour index
  • μ(α)" - the proper motion in right ascension to four places
  • μ(δ)" - the proper motion in declination to four places
  • μ" - the apparent angular motion per year of a star in arcseconds per year
  • Dir - the apparent direction of the star's motion
  • Spect - the spectral classification
  • Var? if the star is a variable, its classification is given
  • m - the visual magnitude
  • M - the absolute magnitude
  • π - the parallax
  • pc - parsecs
  • ly - distance in light years
  • V - the space velocisty
  • RV - the radial velocity
  • L - the luminosity
  • F - the Flamsteed number, if not in the first column
  • mc - the combined visual magnitudes of the given components of a binary
  • Bin? - the binary label if one exists
  • ADS - The Aitkens Double Sar catalogue reference

    The collection is provided in pdf format. The material may be freely used by anyone for whatever reason, however it would be appreciated if credit were given.

    The stars are first listed by constellation; beginning on page 295 the same list is given in Right Ascension, with fewer headings for space requirements.

    The Flamsteed Collection

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