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  • A Binocular (and Naked Eye) Tour of the Stars

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    data base and finder's chart for over 500 binaries

  • The Flamsteed Collection: a star catalogue

  • Data tables for all constellations

  • Graphics of all constellations
    viewed from the Northern Hemisphere

  • Down under: Introduction to the Southern Hemisphere

  • Graphics of all constellations
    as seen in the Southern Hemisphere

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  • HD--HIP conversion tables

  • The Messier List

  • The Mythic Names

  • NGC Objects

  • Plagiarists I have known

  • Orbits of 150 binaries

  • Orbital Elements

    Credit must be given to the works listed below, without which this website could not have been possible:

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    The Cambridge Double Star Atlas (cited as CDSA), James Mullaney and Wil Tirion
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