Transit Date of principal star:
3 August

Microscopium, The Microscope, is one of Nicolas de Lacaille's creations, celebrating yet another scientific instrument.

Like so many of Lacaille's constellations, there isn't much of interest here. The asterism gives a vague suggestion of its subject.

There are only a handful of Bayer stars, mostly fourth and fifth magnitude.

Double stars:

Alpha Microscopii is a fixed binary with faint companion: 5.0, 10.1; PA 165, separation 20.2".

Theta2 Microscopii: 6.2, 6.9; PA 197, 0.7".

Variable stars:

Theta1 Microscopii is an alpha CV type star of small range: 4.77 to 4.87 every 2d2h55m.

Deep Sky Objects:

There are no deep sky objects of interest to amateur observers.

For a more detailed appreciation of Microscopium, visit the Binocular Section.

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