Delta Monocerotis

δ Monocerotis

Delta Mon is a fourth-magnitude star 115 light years away, which makes it pretty typical for the stars of this constellation.

Delta Monocerotis is found with the naked-eye by drawing a line between beta Monocerotis and Procyon; a little over half way along that line (toward Procyon) you'll find delta.

If you now continue to study this region with the naked eye, you'll find that Procyon, alpha, and delta form a small asterism, a somewhat skewed square. The other corner of this square, to the east, is zeta Monocerotis.

A young star, only about 50 million years old, zeta Monocerotis is a supergiant. It's also a multiple system, with roughly 10- to 13- magnitude components.

More accessible is the neighbouring binary Struve 1154: 7.1, 9.3; 354,2.8".

To continue our visit of Monocerotis, return to beta and climb north, one binocular field at a time.

One field north of beta gives you Struve 910.

Two fairly bright stars have drifted over from Orion, still labelled 77 Orionis and below it 78 Orionis. Just off the northwestern edge of 77 Orionis is Struve 910, a wide binary with a nice colour contrast:
      7.0, 8.1; 151, 65.9".

One more field of view north brings us to epsilon Monocerotis.

Click on epsilon on the map to continue.

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