NGC 6752

NGC 6752 is a huge globular cluster composed of over half a million stars; about half the apparent size of the full moon, it's best seen in binoculars. Burnham called it one of the “finest of the globular clusters ...”

With an apparent magnitude of 5.4, it is the third brightest after 47 Tucanae and Omega Centauri. It contains many binaries, and is extremely old, about 11.7 billion years.

The cluster is two binocular fields east of alpha Pavo, and half a field south, or three degrees northeast of lambda Pavonis.

Among the many binaries found here the most accessible is h5085—in Burnham's words “an elegant pair”—found just southeast of the cluster's centre : 7.6, 9.1; 239º, 2.7".

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