NGC 752

NGC 752 is a very old open cluster just out of range with gamma Andromedae at the upper edge of your view: binoculars.
    The cluster of 70-80 stars is very large and looks best in larger binoculars. Under best sky conditions it may just approach naked-eye visibility.

The cluster is about 1200 light years away and is considered to be about 1.7 billion years old.

Moving your glasses to centre NGC 752, you'll notice three orange (or yellow) stars at its south-western edge, making a triangle: binoculars.

The star forming the southeast point in this triangle is the multiple system 56 Andromedae, with a binary label of Struve (Appendix) 4:
     AB: 5.8, 6.1; 297, 203".
     AC: 5.8, 12.0; 77, 18.5"
     BD: 6.1, 9.8; 258, 204"

To the northeast, just at the edge of view, is 59 Andromedae: 6.1, 6.7; 36, 16.2"

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