Lacaille 9352

Lacaille 9352 is a red dwarf, one of the fastest stars known.

A ‘fast star’ is one with a very high proper motion. All stars are moving just slightly, in relation to our viewing from earth. Most of these movements are extremely small and only after several hundred years are their positions slightly different. However a handful have very high proper motions. The fastest is Barnard's Star, in Ophiuchus. Lacaille 9352 is fourth on the list, with a proper motion of 6.896". It has a visual magnitude of 7.4 and a distance of only 10.7 light years. (Indeed, most red dwarfs are visible only because they are very close to us.)

The star is one degree southeast of pi PsA: binoculars. Burnham (Celestial Handbook) has a finder's chart.

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